Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: Lady queen wax nail art pen


Lately I have been trying to get back to doing nail art. I'm starting with the basic stuff like my previous mani, so don't expect any miracles yet :) I've been struggling with picking and placing gems and studs on my nails so I chose wax nail art pen as one of the Lady queen products I was sent for review.

The pen comes in a pack of two. It's a white, soft wax pen that you first have to sharpen. I used a regular sharpener and it did the work just fine. The tip of the pen sticks to the gem just enough to transfer it on the nail. It does not work perfect, sometimes the gem doesn't want to stick or the pen leaves some white residue if you press too hard. However it will last you a lifetime and for the price of 0.65$ per piece I'm OK with that :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Review: Lady Queen nail art gems


Today is the first day of Autumn, who's excited!! Me, obviously :)

Lady Queen store offered me some new products to try out.  My first pic were this pretty cobalt blue nail art gems <3 You only get 20 of them in a pack but they're reusable and quite big so you couldn't even fit more than 20 on your nails :) Because they have much surface they stay nicely on your nail with the help of a coat of top coat or two.
Base for this mani is p2 So cool! and I stamped it with Konad Black and BM-417 plate. Nail art gems added the finally kitschy touch :)

p2 So cool! + BM-417 + Konad Black + Lady Queen gems #7

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Review: Essie polishes part 1 (Bahama mama, Watermelon and Meet me at sunset)


It feels like forever since my last post :) But now that I have more time I hope my blogging schedule will go back to normal. Back in the Summer I got a lovely surprise from Essie Slovenija, they sent me 6 polishes to keep me company during the Summer. Today I'm gonna show you the first three beauties; Essie Bahama mama, Essie Watermelon and Essie Meet me at sunset. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Review: BPS Lace necklace stickers


I am so happy to announce that yesterday I passed my last exam! I couldn't be happier that it's all over. The last obligation I have now is master's thesis defense presentation which I'll do on Friday so wish me luck *.*

On to the nail stuff; today I have a mani, that I was not a fan of, it happens sometimes :( Born pretty store sent me these stickers a while ago. They're thin but still a bit noticeable on the nail since they're not decals. I decided to try them over a bright red base. For some reason this combination did not work well on me and as a bonus, most of my photos came out crappy. Since I was really busy the past few weeks, I still kept the mani on for about 4 days and the stickers didn't budged. Next time I wear this it will be over a nude base, hope I will like them better then.

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